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Exterior Holiday Decorating Tips Toronto

Exterior Holiday Decorating Tips

  • Place bright lights near the house and dim lights farther away. This keeps the dim lights’ projection from being lost in the glow of brighter ones.
  • Wrap roping, garland or lights around banisters and columns in a barber pole fashion. Intertwine lights with non-lighted garland in a similar manner.
  • Secure bows onto garland with florist wire or long ties.
  • When illuminating a driveway, make sure there is ample room for vehicle turnaround and navigation. You’ll have guests that are unfamiliar with your site, so allow at least 1′ of clearance on either side of the driveway to protect your lights.
  • Make sure that there’s no risk of pets and animals getting entangled in your decorations.
  • Ensure that all electrical connections are fully shielded from moisture with exterior grade electrical tape.